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Cookies teases its payment app that wants to become the Venmo of Europe

Another social payment service which promises to be the easiest to set up. It is directly connected to your bank account and you do not need an extra e-wallet for it. I will try it out!


Cookies wants to become the Venmo of Europe with a consumer app to pay back your friends in no time and with no fees. The company promises a speedy onboarding experience and a great design. And today, the company is showing a bit more about the app.

With the following screenshots, you can see what Cookies is building. It’s a messaging-meet-payment app with a lot of emojis.

You can send or request money, chat directly inside the app and confirm payments with the Touch ID sensor or a PIN code. It’s not groundbreaking if you’ve been using apps like Lydia in France, but it looks like a polished experience.

There are two things that set Cookies apart. The two founders, Garry Krugljakow and Lamine Cheloufi, met when they were working for Number26, a German fintech startup that has managed to convince more than 100,000 people to open a new bank account.

Second, Cookies isn’t an e-wallet. You connect your Cookies account with your bank account so that Cookies can withdraw and…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Cookies teases its payment app that wants to become the Venmo of Europe


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