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Coolest new Android phones at Mobile World Congress 2017

The Chinese company puts the emphasis on the camera in this smartphone, which boasts a 5.1- and 5.5-inch screens. The Huawei P10 Android phone comes with 20mp monochrome and 12mp color cameras in the rear, and an 8mp one in front, all featuring Leica technology that allows for more light. All of the cameras have autofocus, and the back cameras allow 4K video and feature optical image stabilization. Not only do the phones allow for colorful photography, but are colorful themselves, coming in Ceramic White, Dazzling Blue, Greenery and other diamond-cut cases. The P10 starts at $650 and the P10 Plus starts at $50 more. They begin shipping in March in about 30 markets, including in Europe and Asia, but not in the U.S. They are coming to Canada.
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