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Even your connected car will need antivirus software

With great freedom come great risks. It is great to live in a connected world that makes our lives so much easier – if we see it from a positive perspective. In worst case, viruses can use these connections to spread. So, we need to make sure that with all advancements in technology, we still keep our eye on security. We don’t want our cars to go crazy while we are sitting in them.


Connected cars can talk to each other (vehicle-to-vehicle, or V2V), and they’re starting to be able to talk to the city they’re driving around (vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2I). That also means baddies can potentially talk to our cars, as we’ve seen in the experimental hack of a Jeep. But hacking isn’t the only danger, because wherever there’s a computer, there’s certain to be a computer virus lurking.

This is the problem Argus Cyber Security is working to address. Granted, there aren’t many viruses being spread from car to car right now, since connectivity in automobiles is still new. But Argus VP Yoni Heilbronn notes in an email interview that by 2020, around 70 million of the 90 million cars projected to ship that year will be connected. While a virus on your computer means someone could steal and misuse your data, which is bad enough, when it happens in your car, there’s potential for physical harm.

That’s still no reason to give up on cars completely and…

Read the entire article from TechCrunch here: Even your connected car will need antivirus software


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