Facebook Messenger launches Discover as it takes on chatbots (again)

I’ve been at an event about Digital Transformation in May and Lufthansa talked about their chatbots on Facebook. They had one that would give you the best deal available. It was in early stage but it was working and they explained their journey to bring this chatbot to life.
They also recommended to try out “Chatkoch” which is a chatbot that suggests recipes in case you don’t know what you should cook. I must say, I like it! It gives you a dish of the day and if you don’t like it you can tell it what ingredient you like and it would suggest dishes with this ingredient. I can only recommend to try it out! It would be great, though, if you could also save your search results for later. But I guess, there is still a lot of room for improvement!
Have you ever interacted with a chatbot on messenger? You can simply use the search field on top of the mobile app to look for certain terms and see if there is anything available. Let me know if you found something fun! 🙂


Facebook isn’t done with chatbots quite yet, today, the company is launching Discover, a hub inside Messenger for discovering new and interesting chatbots to message with.
The section which Facebook announced at F8 is going live for users stateside and the company is billing it as an opportunity for people to interact with businesses and brands in more useful ways. The platform is, you guessed it, all about discovering new bots to give a whirl. In the tab, you’ll be able to browse through categories of bots, see featured bots and check out the ones you’ve recently used.
Discover will make it easier to find bots sure, but the feature seems to be more about re-emphasizing the chatbots medium.
Messenger has been known to be fast-and-dirty in trying new features out, even more so than the core Facebook app, and for about a two-week period last year, they were heavily selling the idea of bots. The underlying tenets of chatbots are incredibly interesting, but they’ve just…
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