FAQ: What to Know About Apple Slowing Down iPhones to Prevent Unexpected Shutdowns

Have you heard about Apple slowing down your iPhone? Well, don’t get mad, they have their reasons for it. There has been a big debate on whether they did it to artificially increase sales of the newer models. But they did it to achieve the opposite. They wanted to extend the life cycle of older phones by preventing them from annoying shut downs. But when iPhone users read about slowed down iPhones they assumed the worse and raised their voices. They said that if this is a feature to free battery capacity by decreasing processor load and therefore making your iPhone act more slowly,  they at least wanted to be in charge of allowing it or not.  I agree that this is a feature that Apple could have built in, or at least they should show some kind of warning. They said, though, that they might build in information about the battery life and capacity in 2018.

The article below explains in detail what the slowed down iPhones are all about, why Apple did it and why the debate started only recently. I hope it answers all your questions. If you want a fast iPhone, you have the option to buy a new battery at a discounted price. Here is the article:


By now, you’ve probably seen headlines about Apple slowing down your iPhone, but it’s not nearly as simple or corrupt as it sounds. In this Q&A, we’ve taken the time to explain exactly what’s going on.


Why is Apple slowing down some older iPhone models?

iPhones, like many other consumer electronics, are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which have a limited lifespan. As the battery in your iPhone ages, its ability to hold a charge slowly diminishes.


A chemically aging battery can also have increased impedance, reducing its ability to provide a sudden burst of power when demanded by other components in an iPhone, such as the CPU and GPU. A battery’s impedance will also temporarily increase when it has a low charge and/or in cold temperatures.


A battery with a high enough impedance may be unable to provide power quickly enough to the iPhone when needed, and Apple safeguards components against the drop in voltage by shutting down the device.


Apple recognized that iPhones unexpectedly…


Read the entire article from MacRumors here: FAQ: What to Know About Apple Slowing Down iPhones to Prevent Unexpected Shutdowns


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