Feed your pet from half way around the world with this smart device

My parents would have loved that when they went on vacation! Instead, I had to come and feed the cats. Now, the cats are gone. But if there is any other pet in the future, I will suggest this!


Why should your pet have to suffer just because you work long hours every day? Isn’t it painful enough that you have to spend that much time apart without the added stress of knowing your best friend is sitting at home starving because you’re stuck in traffic? It’s 2016, pet owners, and there’s a better way to do things now. Everything is connected to the internet in this day and age, and beginning two days from now thanks to Prime shipping, that will also include your dog or cat’s food bowl.

Meet the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder with Webcam & Wi-Fi, the best thing to happen to you since you brought your dog or cat home for the first time.

Some key details:

  • The Only Smart Pet Feeder For Wet/Dry Food, Treats & Medication
  • Connects By Wi-Fi To Your Home Network In Under One Minute
  • Built In Webcam So You Can See Your Pet From Any Smartphone Inc iOS, Android & Windows
  • Set One Time Or Regular Schedules For Unlimited Feed and Go’s From One Profile
  • Each Compartment…

Read the entire article from BGR here: Feed your pet from half way around the world with this smart device


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