First Look: The New AirWatch® Content Locker 3.0 for iOS

Technology continues changing the way we work in dramatic ways—on the go and on any device—but work still revolves around two key elements: content and collaboration. Although the office is mobile and the workspace is digital, many employees still don’t have secure and productive tools to quickly access, share, create, and collaborate on content from anywhere.

Instead, workers often adopt a “bring your own” attitude when it comes to mobile content management: uploading confidential assets to public clouds, forwarding highly sensitive information over email or using free file sharing to pass along corporate documents.

An intuitive, delightful user experience is as critical as ensuring security on a mobile content management platform. Keeping that in mind, we’ve completely redesigned our AirWatch Content Locker solution for the iPad® and iPhone®…

Read the entire article from VMware AirWatch here: First Look: The New AirWatch® Content Locker 3.0 for iOS


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