Five of the best apps for getting started with creating art on the iPad

Here are some drawing apps in case you do not want to purchase an Apple Pencil. I love mine, though. 


The iPad is an excellent artist’s tool, but before you jump into an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, AppleInsider has five suggestions for apps to try that don’t need either to be sure that you want to make the jump from paper to digital.
We’ve come a long way from MacPaint. We’ve tried these five apps, and any of them will get you started on the iPad without investing heavily in hardware, and may make you set down your pencils and paper, or mouse and keyboard.
Designed by FiftyThree, Paper is one of the first drawing apps that gained the attention of a wide audience. Paper is a very beginner friendly app. The interface is certainly the easiest out of all the drawing apps we’ve come across, and even new users will be able to achieve some pretty stellar results.
The app is also somewhat business-minded and can double as a diagramming tool for those who are looking to make attractive presentation graphics.
That being said, because Paper is so easy to use, there’s a bit of a limit to…
Read the entire article from AppleInsider here: Five of the best apps for getting started with creating art on the iPad


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