Five types of mobile wallet services and how they can help you

Good overview of different services and access possibilities of mobile wallets.


So far in the mobile wallet series, I’ve provided an in-depth view of mobile wallets—from their definition to their categorization into proximity and remote mobile wallets, as well as umbrella and integrated mobile wallets.
Now, we can move on to mobile wallet services and functions, since without services, mobile wallets are useless. That is the reason why the development of a business model for a mobile wallet requires a strategy for the selection, provisioning and integration of adequate services into the wallet. The range for remote wallets focuses on payment services and value-added services for payment, especially in the area of loyalty and couponing. But the range of services for proximity wallets can be at least as diverse as the various contents within a physical wallet, as illustrated in the figure below.
Mobile wallet services
The main types of mobile wallet services are:

  1. Payments and cards: Card emulation for contactless cards (credit, debit, prepaid),…

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