Four ways mobile is changing IT support

The shift toward a mobile workplace has brought many changes to the world of IT. From new security paradigms to distributed infrastructure, the IT landscape is changing rapidly and companies are being forced to keep up.
Despite its less obvious evolution, mobile is also changing IT support in the following four key ways:
1. Evolving costs
Cost has always been a limiting factor for modern IT. With never-ending hardware upgrades and costly software licenses, support budgets are often used up quickly. As mobile continues to shape IT environments, this cost structure has started to shift, and support teams must adapt accordingly.
A recent IBM report titled “Transforming user IT support: Bringing users and resolution closer together” sheds valuable light on this shift. The report notes the International Data Corporation predicts 60 percent of CIOs will be required to reduce operations and infrastructure costs by 2017 because of the transfer of investments in mobility, big…


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