Google Releases New ‘Agentless’ Option For Managing iOS Devices

That’s interesting that Google releases an agentless management for iOS devices before Android devices. Are they easier to manage or is it just that iOS devices are more distributed in enterprise environments? The article does not really explain how it works in detail. I wonder if you need at least one of Google’s apps installed to be able to manage passwords and erase the device. Because, somehow, the management server needs to communicate with the device. I will keep an eye on this!


Administrators in charge of Google’s G Suite range of productivity applications now have a new way of managing personally-owned iOS devices in the enterprise.
Google this week introduced what it described as an agentless way to manage personal iPhones and iPads being used to access enterprise applications and data.
Google’s new Basic Mobile Management option for iOS is different from other Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools in that it lets administrators manage iOS devices without requiring users to install a profile or an agent on their devices first, the company said.
It also eliminates the need for administrators to deploy and renew Apple’s so called Push Certificate, a mechanism that is used to establish trusted connections between an iPhone or iPad and an enterprise domain.
“Basic Mobile Management allows administrators to mandate basic security on iOS…
Read the entire article from eWeek here: Google Releases New ‘Agentless’ Option For Managing iOS Devices


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