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Google Work Apps Gain New Powers, But Microsoft Still Rules

This week, Google retooled Google Apps for Work, signaling the company’s ever-deepening interest in the enterprise market. It makes sense: the opportunities for growth are enormous, as is the competition. Apple continues to leverage its partnership with IBM to muscle its way in. Facebook will reportedly soon launch its business-focused Facebook at Work. And Microsoft still reigns, thanks to its entrenched Office apps.

To increase its enterprise stake, Google’s leveraging one of its key strengths: “G Suite,” as Apps for Work are now called, is infused with a bushel of new machine-intelligence perks.
A feature called Quick Access in Google Drive on Android, for instance, uses interactions with your colleagues and your calendar to surface the files most relevant to you at any given time. Google Calendar now optimizes your meeting times based on when invitees are free, plus when you’ve historically preferred to have them. And in Google Sheets, you can…
Read the entire article from Wired here: Google Work Apps Gain New Powers, But Microsoft Still Rules


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