Google’s biggest announcements from I/O 2016

This is a good overview of all the first day announcements at Google’s I/O 2016.

The topics include:

  1. Android N – Google’s new Android OS, now coming with automatic software updates in the background; might help to keep OS adoption up
  2. Daydream – a hardware standard for VR and a VR mode built into Android N
  3. Home – Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo
  4. Allo – a chat app that includes artificial intelligence
  5. Assistant – Google’s AI-powered voice assistant
  6. Duo – Google’s “Face-Time” that shows you a video preview of the caller before you answer the call
  7. Android Wear 2.0 – phone independent, better integration with Google Fit and mini swipe keyboard
  8. Firebase 2.0 – Google’s platform for building and testing Android apps
  9. Android Instant Apps – they work like websites and only show the required bits of an app but come with app advantages like fingerprint authentication; great for shopping apps

Looks like Google and Apple are having a head-to-head run. Let’s see what Apple announces at WWDC in June.

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