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Grow your revenue with digital transformation powered by mobile

Great article about how mobile apps can drive revenue and promote the digital transformation. It comes with three customer examples at the end.


Digital transformation uses the power of technologies such as mobile, cloud and cognitive to change the way organizations operate. It is often misinterpreted as too complex, requiring the complete reinvention of a company, or too simple, requiring only digitizing documents or data. On the contrary, digital transformation is about an innovation or change in any part or parts of the business model. That might mean using digital for new offerings, shifting routes to market or changing product development.
Weaving digital into the fabric of the business
Why bother with digital transformation? A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study of senior executives found there are three main reasons companies invest in digital transformation:

  1. To grow revenue (45 percent)
  2. To create better customer experiences (25 percent)
  3. To increase profits (12 percent)

It’s no surprise that revenue growth tops the list. The growth imperative is real and urgent as the business cycle ages and growth…


Read the entire article from MobileBusinessInsights here: Grow your revenue with digital transformation powered by mobile


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