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Hands-on: 75 new features in iOS 10 [Video]

This is a long list… Good that there is a video! Enjoy watching!


On Monday Apple unveiled the highly-anticipated software update for the iPhone and iPad. As expected, it’s a huge release that brings a bevy of new and exciting features to the table.

In the following video walkthrough, we take a look at 75 of the features and changes found in iOS 10. Some of the features covered are obvious changes, and some are more surprising.

Here is an itemized list of the features covered in the video. Not every change is included here, but I spent some extended time (30+ minutes!) commenting on the various points that I chose to highlight. Consider this more of a high-level commentary, with more detailed low-level posts and videos to follow.

Topics covered

  • New iOS 10 wallpaper
  • New folder look and animation
  • Bolder typeface
  • Raise to Wake (Settings → Display & Brightness)
  • Remove stock apps
  • App Store ads
  • New smaller “back-to-app” button in status bar
  • Siri’s more prominent place in Settings
  • iCloud Drive Desktop folder
  • Shared Notes…

Read the entire article from 9to5Mac here: Hands-on: 75 new features in iOS 10 [Video]


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