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Hands on: Apple takes aim at PC users with 9.7-inch iPad Pro

I really like this article. I think Apple has done a great move with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. I liked the features of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, especially the Apple Pencil and how you can easily create presentations with one of the Adobe apps but it was simply too big. With the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, they deliver all the Pro features but in a more compact format so that the tablet can be carried easily in the travel luggage or can be used on the field (architects, engineers…). I also like that you can manually take notes in case you cannot put the iPad on a table to write on a keyboard. Another effect I like and would like to try out is the possibility to use the iPad like a whiteboard for presentations. Sketches are much more interesting and catchy than slides.
The iPad Pro is really a business device. With all the new apps coming, especially in healthcare, engineering, architecture and many other sectors that have specific business processes, it can be a great replacement for paper and the PC, as it also has the processing power that is needed for some apps that need a lot of calculation power. Imaging doctors taking notes with the Apple Pencil that are saved immediately on a central storage. Or an architect looking at a drawing and encircling the parts that need some correction etc. The Apple Pencil adds a lot of value to the device considering its usage in business. If I get the chance to give my next presentation on a 9.7-inch iPad Pro and with the Apple Pencil I will leave a review for you.
Are you going to get a 9.7-inch iPad Pro?
It’s not surprising that Apple has incorporated the new features first introduced last fall for its 12.9 inch iPad Pro to its new 9.7 inch iPad Pro—essentially making it an enhanced iPad Air 2 packing an A9X brain, quad speakers and support for the new Apple Pencil and Smart Connector. What is surprising is that in just six months, Apple has enhanced the iPad Pro with an iPhone 6s-class camera with True Tone flash, and has invented a new “True Tone Display” for adapting the screen to ambient lighting—a substantial investment in iPad as a platform.
If you’re wondering why Apple is investing so much innovation work into its “troubled” tablet platform—one which certain pundits have been describing as “collapsing” for years—it’s because Apple knows that iPads are actually selling rapidly in new markets, particularly China. It also sees great potential in moving iPads into roles formerly performed by basic PCs, notably in…

Read the entire article from AppleInsider here: Hands on: Apple takes aim at PC users with 9.7″ iPad Pro


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