Hands on: Apple targets the mainstream with new iPhone SE

This is a good first review about the iPhone SE. I focuses on the technical perspective and the size of the phone.
Even before Apple held its “Loop you in” event, analysts and the company’s media detractors were vocally opining that all the announcements would be boring. While there weren’t any shocking new revelations to rock the industry, Apple’s latest product releases provide some deep insight into where the company is headed this year, starting with the new iPhone SE.The new iPhone SE essentially replicates the “nothing has changed but everything” tagline Apple used to introduce its new iPhone 6s models last fall. Externally, the SE is a slightly refinished iPhone 5s. Inside however, it’s virtually identical to Apple’s latest and greatest 6s line, with only minor differences. It even has some technical superiorities over the original iPhone 6 models (which cost more).

That’s great news to anyone who favors the smaller form factor of the iPhone 5 line, with a 4 inch screen featuring a truly one-handed interface. Prior to the event,…

Read the entire article from AppleInsider here: Hands on: Apple targets the mainstream with new iPhone SE


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