Hands on: Apple’s AirPods are indeed ‘magical’

In case, you would like to know how Apples AirPods work, here is a good article about them. I am kind of tempted to try them out. They would work well under my hat and with all the winter clothes I am wearing. But then, I also like the remote that comes built into the cable of the traditional ones. I would not want to tap against my hat all the time when I wanted to pause my audiobook or even get under my hat to reach them. We will see. What do you think about Apple’s AirPods?


There’s a lot to like about Apple’s new wireless AirPods. From the ease of the initial setup to the small carrying case that doubles as a charger to the sound quality of the speakers and directional mics, the AirPods do a lot of things right — elegantly, even — yet they are not entirely without flaws.
The $159 wireless headphones were announced back in September, but didn’t start shipping until last month and were quickly backordered. Only recently have customers actually started receiving them and they’re still a rare find at Apple Stores. (Buying directly from Apple’s online store means a six week wait before the order ships.) Apple Store employees have told me that they receive daily shipments, and sell out quickly.
Your best bet if you want a pair sooner rather than later is to track availability at your local Apple Store via iStockNow.com. That’s what I did just before Christmas. I was able to use the Apple Store…
Read the entire article from CIO.com here: Hands on: Apple’s AirPods are indeed ‘magical’


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