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Have a Note 7? Here Are the Best Phones to Replace It

A colleague recently asked me what phone he should get if he cannot get the Galaxy Note 7. Well, here is a good list. But, as far as I know, only the Galaxy Note 5 out of this list will be ready for note taking.



Thanks to a series of unfortunate fires, millions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners need to return their phones immediately. In some cases, for the second time. Since the Galaxy Note 7 is officially out of circulation, never to return, you may be wondering what would best fill that smartphone-sized hole in your heart. Don’t worry! You’ve got options. Non-incendiary options.


You got the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because it’s a big, powerful Android smartphone, right? The upcoming Pixel XL checks those boxes, has one of the best cameras on the market, and, along with the smaller Pixel, will be the only Android device to offer Google Assistant, Cupertino’s super-smart AI helper, at launch. The big caveat here is that most models are out of stock, and the one configuration that’s left (silver, 32GB) has a 5-6 week shipping time. You don’t want to risk using your Note 7 that long, but if you have something lying…


Read the entire article from Wired here: Have a Note 7? Here Are the Best Phones to Replace It


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