Have we stopped caring about the tablet?

It’s true that consumers once bought a tablet and stick with it as long as they can. They use it to consume content and stay connected when they travel.

I also see the tablets growth market in the business world and in education. It is a great device for business travel to get remote access to information in the backend and they can be used to optimize business processes (like on-site maintenance of a machine) and be used as display, for example in retail.

In education, tablets can replace paper and contribute to a more interactive teaching as teacher and students can interact immediately and are always connected. I do not think the tablet is dead. They just have a longer life cycle. Every device has its form factor and its purpose. If you want to be creative, a bigger tablet screen is just better for information input than a phone.

I also can imagine that tablets will be used as central hub for automated homes, or generally to control all devices being connected via the Internet (of things).


Six years after the release of the iPad, a once booming market is on the verge of a massive shift, one that not many predicted. For those who visited Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile conference earlier this year, you had a better chance of spotting the odd person wearing Google Glasses than any new tablet devices.

According to the recent industry analysis conducted by IDC, the tablet market was down by as much as 10.1 per cent, last year, with an estimated 206.8 million tablets shipped. That’s down from 230.1 million shipped in 2014. These stats are a bit better if you look at other research numbers, which estimate that 224.3 million tablets were shipped in 2015, compared to 242.2 million in 2014 — a decline of only 8.1 per cent.

I can remember how folks were excited about the Nexus 7,…

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