Here are the winners of the 9th annual iPhone Photography Awards

It’s truly amazing how great the photos can be that are taken with the iPhone. I’m excited to find out more about the camera improvements in the iPhone 7. The quality of the photos should be even better!


The annual iPhone Photography Awards have recognized the top images taken with an iPhone as well as the top iPhone photographers for the last 9 years, and now this year’s winners have been unveiled. This year, “thousands” of images were submitted from photographers across 139 countries, but the grand price went to Chinese photographer Siyuan Niu for an image he called “Man and the Eagle.”

According to Niu, the image depicts a 70-year-old man that is normally “rigid and solemn,” but when he’s with his “beloved eagle,” things are different. The picture was taken in the Tianshan Mountains. Niu resides in the Xinjiang Province.

Interestingly, Niu told TIME that the image was taken with an iPhone 5S and post processed on Snapsneed after a VSCO filter was applied.

“The brave and wise Khalkhas live along the mountains in the south of Xinjiang and are companions with the eagles. They regard eagles as their children and train them for many years to hunt. This…

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