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Here’s what the first users are saying about Facebook’s Slack competitor (FB)

Facebook At Work… Is that a good or bad thing? I remember, when Yammer had been introduced at my previous employer, it spread like a fire. It was initially only rolled out to a couple of people as a test, but within a couple of days, the majority of the staff had been invited by colleagues and already used it. The first feedback was great. Employees appreciated the transparency and easier communication. After a couple of years, communication shrank, though, as people got too busy with their work and couldn’t check daily. But they still checked Facebook. So, I’m thinking, they are checking Facebook anyway and if there’s only a button to switch between the two (private and work) then they might be more willing to also check the professional Facebook. I agree with the article below that the biggest challenge might be the reputation of Facebook and that it is seen as distracting users from work. However, if it is truly used as a communication platform to reduce email, get to know other teams, achieve faster results etc. then it increases productivity instead of decreasing it. Also, it might be an advantage that users already know Facebook from their private life as it helps them to accept it faster and really include it in their work processes. Here, we can see again, that nowadays, IT is driven by the consumers. They use a certain technology privately and then want to conveniently use it in their work life, too. I bet that employees would rather vote for Facebook at Work than for Yammer. Slack is great, too, though. However, in the article below Matthieu Stefani from CosaVostra states that it took them 6 months to onboard everybody on Slack whereas Facebook was used from day one as it was so instinctive. So far, the feedback is positive. I’m excited to see how Facebook At Work gets adopted in a bigger scope.

The question that remains for me, though, is how to collaborate with externals and contractors. Also, they might need integration with existing collaboration tools and chat apps. There is a hint in the article that the latter will come. But let’s see if they open it to externals. Would you implement Facebook at Work?


Facebook wants more people to use it at work.

Not to scroll through News Feeds full of viral videos and baby photos, but actually to streamline their workplace communication, through its  new enterprise product, Facebook At Work.

By vying to be the main internal communication tool for businesses, Facebook hopes to tap into a lucrative new market with a stable base of customers and a steady stream of fresh revenue.

But Facebook is competing against other established products like Microsoft-owned Yammer and Slack, the super-hot startup that has become one of the fastest-growing business apps of all time.

And Facebook’s greatest adversary in the workplace may be its own reputation: With many companies having spent years trying to stamp out on-the-job use of the social network by employees, Facebook must now convince businesses that it can improve, not kill, worker productivity.

Early signs are…

Read the entire article from BusinessInsider here: Here’s what the first users are saying about Facebook’s Slack competitor (FB)


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