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How Apple Watch became the iPod of the future

I really like this article. It shows how Apple came from the iPod Nano to the Apple Watch and how Apple is not making single products but is having a higher vision. They learn from user behavior and integrate their products (Apple Pay, Fitness Tracking etc.). It makes me happy to read that because you could think Apple lost vision. But with the hope they are having a bigger vision I am excited to see what’s coming in the next years.
While ridiculed by many as a flop and often misunderstood as a product, Apple Watch has very successfully worked to turn around the fortunes of Apple’s Other Products segment, essentially becoming the modern iPod for the next decade. Here’s how. iPod: a tethered Mac peripheral

Almost fifteen years ago, Steve Jobs introduced iPod, a self contained “pod” for taking music from your Mac’s iTunes library along with you. While music playback was its primary feature, iPods also let users carry a synced copy of their contacts and calendar, then gained photo support, video playback and eventually the ability to play simple games in 2006.

As a product, iPod took nearly four years to develop into an outstanding smash success. After four years of blockbuster iPod sales, Apple applied many of the manufacturing lessons it had learned from building mass market iPods to produce the first iPhone in 2007, which unlike earlier iPods ran a scaled down version of Apple’s desktop Mac OS, using a…

Read the entire article from AppleInsider here: How Apple Watch became the iPod of the future


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