How Do We Secure Mobility at the Speed of Innovation?

Business mobility: it’s an item on the minds of every CIO in every enterprise. IT organizations everywhere are looking for ways to mobilize and streamline their existing business processes.

The manager time sheet or vacation approval process no longer involves a cumbersome web application on a laptop or computer, but can take place in the palm of one’s hand anywhere and anytime via a smartphone. Business intelligence is now available within seconds of unlocking your phone and opening up an app.

These mobilizations have great potential for increasing productivity. At the same time, the advent of these new mobile workflows can be a double-edged sword if the appropriate security considerations are not taken into account. More devices means more endpoints, and more endpoints means a greater attack surface for potential application data leakage.

Building an application of any type and adhering to the policies set forth by security has traditionally been a challenging…

Read the entire article from VMware AirWatch here: How Do We Secure Mobility at the Speed of Innovation?


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