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How many people does it take to make an app?

In case you are thinking about building an app, this is good to know!



Have you ever had a brilliant app idea for your business but thought you didn’t have the resources or time to make it? How many game changing apps are just lying in the blueprint stage because of this misconception – I’m going to show you how to bring yours to reality!


Why are you making your app?


The number of apps on the market grows every single day so establishing your business plan is key! Consider these questions:


  • Target audience! Gender, age & lifestyle: Are teenagers your target? Company CEOs?
  • How to monetise your app: in app purchases, in app ads, freemium model…
  • What development do you need? Native, multiplatform, web app, hybrid…
  • How to make yourself stand out from the crowd and your competitors? Have you considered a good marketing strategy?
  • How much will it cost?


How do you know whether…


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