How ready is your business for the ‘here and now’ economy?

We need more APIs’ and low-code solutions to keep pace with the here and now economy. Platform-as-a-Service is an approach that helps with that.


The phrase “instant gratification” has negative connotations – it implies impatience, greediness and lack of willpower. But its appeal is almost irresistible. Advances in communications technology mean we are all now living in the moment.
Why call friends individually when you can post an update on Facebook and reach all your friends instantly? Why stand on the pavement waiting for a cab to drive by when you can use an app that will bring a taxi right to your door in minutes? And why spend countless minutes calling customer service when you can message the business on Twitter to receive instant support?
Today’s ‘connected’ consumers are equipped with smartphones and empowered by instant social media reach and engagement. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp – everything happens in the…
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