How the cloud helps IT say yes to mobile services

The cloud as an enabler for a mobile strategy. Mobility means flexibility and agility. We need this functionality from the backend as well. Only the cloud can deliver this. Below, you will find the three main criteria why we need the cloud: 

  • Fast and flexible testing
  • Benefiting from software-as-a-service (SaaS) and mobile-backend-as-a-service (mBaaS) offerings, also EMM, security and mobile analytics
  • Integration of cloud data (price databases, whether IoT analytics etc.) into apps

IT should get ready for the cloud. Of course, it always depends on the kind of company whether this is possible at a 100% scale. But perhaps, a hybrid solution can be the right choice. 


The entire IT stack, from devices through cloud infrastructure, is changing at an unprecedented rate. IT leaders are struggling to keep up with the pace of changes as they are asked to do more with less. At the same time, new technologies are often perceived as risky, and failure isn’t an option.

Because of these factors, IT is often considered the “Department of No,” and shadow IT is common among organizations of all sizes. However, IT can be innovative and a tremendous business partner if given the chance.

From the ‘Department of No’ to the ‘Department of Know’

At the recent ET6 Xchange conference, George McQuillister, the principal IT solution engineer for mobile operations support at the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, summed up the challenges perfectly. During the executive IT user panel, he said, “IT is typically known as the ‘Department of No,’ but what we want to be known as is the ‘Department of Know.’”

Mobile enablement typifies a…

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