How-To: Fix iPhone videos that are mistakenly started in portrait mode [Video]

This is a really handy advise. For everybody who has ever started filming in portrait mode and then switched to landscape mode but was upset that the movie stayed in portrait mode, this is a must read!


Have you ever started shooting a video in portrait orientation on your iPhone, only to quickly rotate into landscape mode after realizing the mistake? Once you’ve begun recording a video while in portrait orientation, it stays locked that way for the duration of the video, and vice versa.
Fortunately, inadvertent vertical videos can be quickly fixed by taking advantage of iMovie’s rotation feature on iOS. If you’d prefer to apply the fix on a Mac, you can just as easily utilize QuickTime’s rotation feature. Watch our hands-on video tutorial to see a couple of brief examples in action.
How to fix vertical videos on iOS using iMovie
Step 1: Open iMovie.

Step 2: Tap the Videos tab and select the clip that you wish to fix.

Step 3: Tap the Share button and tap Create Movie → Create New Movie.

Step 4: Perform a rotate gesture on the viewer to rotate the video to the correct orientation.

Step 5: Tap Done in the upper left-hand corner.

Step 6: Tap the Share…
Read the entire article from 9to5Mac here: How-To: Fix iPhone videos that are mistakenly started in portrait mode [Video]


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