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How to fix the ‘broken’ Galaxy S7 microSD memory

Samsung this year acknowledged its mistake to remove microSD support from the Galaxy S6, by adding expandable storage to the Galaxy S7. The microSD slot lets you add as much as 200GB of extra storage to your handset, but as we explained recently, that’s not necessarily great news.

For whatever reason, Samsung left out one of the best memory features that Google added to Marshmallow last year. Adoptable Storage surprised the audience last year, given Google’s stance on microSD expansion in its own Nexus handsets. The feature lets you merge the phone’s flash memory and expandable microSD card into a single chunk of storage that’s treated as built-in storage.

While Samsung shunned this awesome feature on the Galaxy S7, someone figured out how to enable it on any Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge device, without having to mess with rooting procedures.


Read the entire article from BGR here: How to fix the ‘broken’ Galaxy S7 microSD memory


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