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How to make your own Wi-Fi wherever you go?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation you thought, a Wi-Fi would be practical now? Wanting to use your tablet in a park but not pair it with your phone as this would drain the battery and use your data too quickly? Being on vacation abroad and wanting to post something on Facebook or book a hotel or check for the next transportation from A to B?

If you know these situations then I have a cure for you. It is called MiFi. I own a device from Huawei. Here, you can find the latest models: Latest Mifi Models

You can put any SIM card in it from any country. Once the MiFi is set up, you are immediately ready to go. For setup you download the Huawei HiLink app to your smartphone. You connect to the MiFi Wifi via the settings of your phone and enter the password shown on your device screen. As soon as you are connected you go into the Huawei HiLink app, change your PW and you’re ready to go. You can use the app to see your data usage, battery power and read text messages you receive on the MiFi SIM card. You can even set your individual data usage plan so that you are always under full control. Having everything set up and your MiFi in your pocket (yes, it is that small), you are independent and can use your own little Wi-Fi, that you can connect up to 10 devices to (sometimes even more), wherever you are. I hope you enjoy it! I love it!

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