How to unlock your iPhone 7 in winter with smartphone gloves?

For about a month, I’m an iPhone 7 owner. I was upgrading from my iPhone 5s and felt like it was time, even though I liked the smaller form factor of the iPhone 5s. With the upgrade, there were two major new features in the hardware that I needed to get used to – the non-existent home button and the vanished headphone jack.


While the headphone jack problem can be solved easily by just using the adapter that comes in the box with the phone, the home button has a “bug” that apparently nobody thought of.


It’s getting cold in Berlin and we are starting to wear gloves. Now, you have these nice gloves with the special finger tips that allow you to use your smartphone while leaving the gloves on. However, the home button being a 3D touch sensitive button does not react anymore when you are wearing gloves. It is just hard as a rock. So, how to unlock your phone? I tried different things. If you use the power button (right side) then you can see your lock screen and, if available, also notifications but still you cannot go to the screen where you can enter your passcode.


There are a couple of workarounds you can take from here:

Select a notification

If you have notifications, you can swipe one of these notifications to the right (to read it) and then the iPhone 7 would ask you for your passcode. Then you can type it in with your special smartphone gloves and all is fine. But what do you do when you don’t have any notifications?

Use the camera

Another workaround would be to use the power button, go into the camera (control center or swipe to the left), click on the field of the latest taken photo (even if there is none). Then the camera app takes you to the photos app. Then you click on All Photos and the iPhone 7 would ask you for your passcode.

Use Siri

Use the power button, swipe to the right, use dictation (the microphone icon) in the search bar or type something in and click on a result. The iPhone 7 takes you to the passcode

Use any of the app suggestions

Use the power button, swipe to the right and click on any of the apps that are suggested.


Basically, you need to take an action that would require your iPhone 7 to open an app. In this moment, it would ask you for the passcode.


The question is now, if you would like to go through this number of clicks or if you’d rather take off your glove quickly to use your fingerprint.


Furthermore, I noticed that if you use the Apple protection screen (this additional layer of glass for your display that you can get at the Apple store), then your special smartphone gloves are not recognised that well anymore. So, in this scenario it can even be difficult to enter your passcode when you have managed to get to the passcode screen.


As a conclusion, I do like my iPhone 7 and I like the “feeling” (when you get the haptic feedback) of the home button, however, there are some little things that apparently Apple hasn’t thought about a lot.


What is your experience with the iPhone 7? Do you like it? I would be happy to hear about it in the comments section below!


Have a great day!





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