How to use or enable/disable Parked Car alerts from Maps on iOS 10 for iPhone

It would be cool if this worked without bluetooth or CarPlay…! Google is smart enough to figure out what my way to work is as I take it daily… so, it (or Maps) should also be able to know when I drive a car and when I stop and leave it.


There’s a new feature in the iOS 10 update with Maps called Parked Car. It automatically tells your iPhone where you left your car and sends you a notification. This may or may not be useful depending on your needs. Luckily the Parked Car notifications are easy to disable or re-enable if you know where to look, and you can even disable the alerts without losing the feature.
The idea is that you can leave your car in a parking garage or giant parking lot somewhere and not have to remember that you parked in the orange zone on section B of level 8. You can even take notes and capture photos in the Maps app to add the extra specifics.
But if you don’t find yourself in situations where you need help remembering where you left your car, the Parked Car notifications can become annoying and spammy. It’s not useful to know that you parked in front of the restaurant or, you know, in the driveway at home.
Why iPhone sends Parked Car notifications
The new feature in iOS 10…


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