How to Watch Apple’s 2016 iPhone Event

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The time has come! Apple is close to announcing its new iPhone, probably a new Watch, and some other things we don’t know about.
The live event takes place Wednesday, September 7 at 10am PDT. If you didn’t receive an invitation like the rest of us mere mortals, a live video stream of the event will be made available by Apple. Here’s all the ways you can tune in.
In a Browser
Go to to watch the stream. Apple’s livestream works on any iOS mobile device running iOS 7 or newer. Mac users can watch the stream in Safari (but not other browsers). If you have Windows 10, it will work in the Edge browser.
On an Apple TV
If you have an Apple TV, you can stream right on your television set. The Apple TV will need to have the 6.2 software or newer, but will work no matter what if you have the 4th generation device. It is located inside the “Apple Events” icon on your home screen. If you don’t see the icon right now, don’t worry—it’ll show up before…
Read the entire article from Wired here: How to Watch Apple’s 2016 iPhone Event


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