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HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7: How their 5 most important features compare

For everybody who cannot decide which phone to get.


The HTC 10 is now official, which means the last piece of the Android flagship puzzle has fallen into place. If you haven’t already read our in-depth HTC 10 review, you should definitely make it a point to catch up. HTC has done phenomenal work with its latest high-end handset, addressing nearly every pain point users had and putting together a smartphone that checks almost every important box.

Now that the Android landscape for the first half of the year has been laid out, we’ll be spending plenty of time comparing all the new Android flagships in an effort to help readers find the right phone. To start things off, we’re going to look at the brand new HTC 10 as it compares to the most popular flagship Android phone in the world right now, Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge represent the two best smartphones Samsung has ever released. Frankly, they might be the…

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