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Huawei Just Copied the iPhone—Down to the Last Screw

This is not a photo of two Apple iPhones. This is a photograph of an iPhone on top of Huawei’s new P9.

I’ll excuse your double-take, because Huawei is shamelessly copying Apple here. Yes, it migrated the fingerprint sensor like a flounder’s eye and eliminated the mechanical home button, but the two phones share similar antenna bands, styling, and finish. They even sport the same proprietary star-shaped security screw, in exactly the same spots. After all, if you want your phone to resemble an iPhone, you’ve got to nail the details.

But this screw, called a pentalobe, does more than make the P9 look a bit more like an iPhone. It keeps you from opening your phone and impedes recycling it when you finally toss it. And it offers another reminder that where Apple goes, others follow, even if what’s good for Apple isn’t always good for the orchard.

Everyone Rips Off Apple

By this point, everyone expects everyone else to rip off Apple. The company employs the best designers…

Read the entire article from Wired here: Huawei Just Copied the iPhone—Down to the Last Screw


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