HummingBad Android malware is generating big bucks

This article shows how lucrative the malware business is. Pretty interesting.


When we discuss mobile malware we usually look at the technological aspects, specifically how it’s designed, how it spreads, what devices it targets, how it affects them after infection, and how it can removed.

What we rarely get to talk about is the financial side of things, which in the case of certain types of malware is the primary interest of their creators.

Check Point has published a report on the HummingBad malware campaign, finding that it generates $300,000 a month in fraudulent revenue with a pool of 85 million infected Android devices across the globe at its disposal. In a year attackers are looking at about $3.6 million in revenue, assuming the number of devices does not expand considerably.

The malware behind HummingBad is created by a group of Chinese hackers, who generates that kind of…

Read the entire article from ITProPortal here: HummingBad Android malware is generating big bucks


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