IDG Contributor Network: Digital health: Just what are we talking about?

Really good article about what digital and mobile means in the context of healthcare. The patient is in the center and we use technology to improve the communication with physicians and nurses in order to improve the patient’s health and reduce costs. Many questions come up. When is a virtual meeting appropriate and when should it be physical? How to find the right apps for the right use case? Where to start with the digital strategy? In a second article, the author will explain how to address these questions. So, stay tuned. 


Ask any two people what digital health or mobile health really means and you’re likely to get three different answers (who knows, you might even get more). The convergence of several trends — wider adoption of electronic medical records, advances in mobile technology, and payment reform — is accelerating the pace of change in how we are all thinking (and in many cases rethinking) how healthcare is delivered.

For example, smartphones have become ubiquitous and we use them for everything from hailing a car service to ordering a pizza, from selling an old couch to texting friends and family (and some nostalgic individuals may even still make phone calls with them). We have been conditioned to expect fast, easy and reliable experiences on our smartphones; we want results in just a few taps or swipes.

But healthcare has been slow to the party. Oh, sure, there are a lot of health apps and gadgets out there,…

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