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IDG Contributor Network: iOS 10: How to use the new lock screen

I kind of liked the hints I got from this article about the iOS 10 lock screen and therefore wanted to share it with you!



Since iOS 10 was released many users have been upgrading all of their devices, only to find out that there’s much more to iOS 10 than meets the eye. And one of the biggest changes in iOS 10 is the lock screen.
The new version of the iOS lock screen lets you conveniently access the camera app with a swipe, and it also lets you access the widgets page via swiping as well.
The widgets can be customized to show only the widgets you want to see, in the order that you prefer to view them. You can also easily add, delete or move widgets around.
In this how-to I’ll show you how to use the new lock screen.
Open the camera app on the iOS 10 lock screen1. Swipe left while on the lock screen to open the camera app.
2. When in the camera app, you’ll need to press the home button to go back to the lock screen. Don’t try to swipe to the right while in the camera app, it won’t take you back to the home screen.
Add, delete or move widgets on…
Read the entire article from CIO.com here: IDG Contributor Network: iOS 10: How to use the new lock screen


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