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If you use Microsoft’s free OneDrive cloud storage, we hope you’re sitting down

I’m not sure if that’s smart. Either, users will refrain from using Microsoft services and look for other solutions (other cloud storages, other office-like apps…) or Microsoft thinks they have so many customers that they have to pay and they reduce the storage so that they pay earlier (when the free storage is filled up). We will see what the reactions and consequences are. I, personally, would look for a different cloud storage.


OneDrive users, we have some bad news and we think that you should probably be sitting down for it. Microsoft announced last year that it would be making some big changes to its cloud storage solution, OneDrive. Unfortunately, those changes were all bad news for users. For one, the company said that it intended to ditch its 100GB and 200GB plans and offer only a paid 50GB plan for $1.99 per month. Of note, that’s twice what Apple charges for the same amount of iCloud storage.

But that’s not even the really bad news. Microsoft also said that it planned to trim the amount of cloud storage available to free OneDrive users from 15GB to 5GB at some point in early 2016, and now we know exactly when the change will take place.

As cloud storage continues to get cheaper and cheaper for service providers, Microsoft has decided to remove much of the value from its own consumer offering. It’s a curious and aggravating…

Read the entire article from BGR here: If you use Microsoft’s free OneDrive cloud storage, we hope you’re sitting down


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