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iOS 10 concept video shows off some intriguing new features

With so much buzz surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE and the highly anticipated iPhone 7, we curiously haven’t heard much about iOS 10, the software that will power Apple’s next-gen lineup of smartphones.

With rumors surrounding iOS 10 few and far in between, visual designer Sam Beckett recently put together a concept video showcasing some intriguing and clever ideas Apple might be smart to incorporate into the upcoming version of its mobile OS.

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Most of the ideas in Beckett’s video focuses on improvements Apple can make to iOS’ Control Center. For instance, one idea showcases 3D Touch integration with various Control Center toggles. So imagine, for example, being able to force touch the Wi-Fi toggle as a means to not just turn Wi-Fi on, but to also choose which wireless network to join.

Additionally, another concept shown in the video highlights how users might be able to pick and choose…

Read the entire article from BGR here: iOS 10 concept video shows off some intriguing new features


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