iOS 10 Feature Can Help Users Find Their Parked Cars

I need to try it out. I wonder if the iPhone automatically knows when I get off a car (for example when I move slower as before). But how can it differentiate from a bus? Really curious to see if it works automatically or if some manual action is needed. I will report as soon as I’ve tried it out!


It will be easier to find your car in a parking lot if you use a new map feature in iOS 10 that automatically directs you to its location.

Apple iPhone users who have a tough time remembering where they last parked their vehicle in a crowded parking lot could be getting some built-in help from a find-your-car feature that may be built into the upcoming release of Apple’s iOS 10 operating system in the fall.
Though the apparent feature wasn’t brought up by Apple executives and developers as they outlined the coming highlights of iOS 10 during the opening keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on June 13, the parking feature was noted by an Apple developer in a June 14 Reddit post that touted its presence.
The Reddit user, MaGNeTiX, wrote in the post that after parking his vehicle at home a notification popped up on his device screen with details about where the car was being parked.
“Tapping it takes me to Maps…

Read the entire article from eWeek here: iOS 10 Feature Can Help Users Find Their Parked Cars


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