iOS 10 Now Installed on 76% of Active iOS Devices

This shows again that Apple has a very high adoption rate with its iOS operating system. Android is much more fragmented as the updates do not always come from Google directly (only with Pixel phone and Nexus devices) but rather from the operator. This takes time. Also, phones are not always compatible with more than two versions up (from state of purchase) as the third party vendors do not really know what is coming. So, users either need to buy new phones to always have the latest OS or stick with an old one. Apple, having hardware and software under one roof can be much more clever as they know what is coming and users can keep their phones for longer. At one point they become slow as well, but then users typically also want a new phone. 



Nearly four months after iOS 10 was released to the public, the operating system is installed on 76 percent of active iOS devices, according to new numbers posted on Apple’s App Store support page for developers.
iOS installation rates have grown significantly over the holiday period, jumping up 13 percentage points between the end of November and the beginning of January. On November 27, 2016, iOS 10 was installed on 63 percent of devices.
18 percent of devices continue to run iOS 9, and six percent of devices are running iOS 8 or earlier.
iOS 10 adoption rates may have seen a jump thanks to the release of iOS 10.2 on December 12. iOS 10.2 introduced several new features, including a new “TV” app, new emoji, improvements to Live Photos, and a huge list of bug fixes.
Around this time last year, iOS 9 was installed on 75 percent of active devices, so iOS 10 adoption rates have eclipsed iOS 9 adoption rates during the same time frame in 2016.
Apple has been steadily releasing…
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