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iOS 9.3: How to fix some of the annoying bugs plaguing your iPhone

Here are some first aid fixes that could help fix the link issue on iOS 9.3. I tried them:

I rebooted my phone – no changes.

Deleting cache and history in Safari – no changes.

Deleting Booking.com and reboot (see previous article) – no changes.

Disabled Javascript in Safari – no changes.

I guess, the first aid tricks don’t work for everybody. Now, we can only hope for a quick fix because without clicking on links, the iPhone becomes almost unusable. Everything “Internet” is connected via links. What are your experiences? Did any of the fixes help? Do you face the same issue?


Apple released iOS 9.3 last week, its latest operating system update for iPhone and iPad that brings over Night Shift mode as well as several other neat tricks. Unfortunately, iOS 9.3 also packs a few bugs, including severe issues that affect performance on older devices, as well as annoying problems that cripple apps and web browsing on all iOS devices, including the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Apple is aware of some of the issues detailed in various online reports, and has released a fix that addresses the old iPad 2. However, official fixes for other iOS 9.3 bugs have not yet been rolled out. Luckily though, we’ll tell you how you can work around most of the bigger issues until an update is released.

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Read the entire article from BGR here: iOS 9.3: How to fix some of the annoying bugs plaguing your iPhone


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