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iOS 9.3 will let IT managers define home screen layout, hide and blacklist apps

Apple is adding more and more features for enterprises. They have a clear focus on this market. We’ve seen a lot of improvements in education. The article below describes how IT managers can gain more control over company devices and determine the app layout on the home screen. This way they can make sure that all employees always see all the apps that are available for corporate use. It also makes it easier for the employees to use them, as the required apps jump into their eyes every time they unlock their devices. Also, apps are supposed to be hidden and blacklisted. I wonder if blacklisted apps can be removed from the device as this is a long-time required feature by customers. While the article mentions that the new settings require an OS X Server, Profile Manager and the supervision mode configured, I assume that all the new features will appear in Apples APIs for iOS 9.3 and can therefore be integrated in Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Thus, admins will have better control over the corporate iPhones and iPads from within one and only console. I’m excited to see it integrated.

For businesses and other organizations, Apple’s forthcoming iOS 9.3 update will let them lock the layout of a device’s home screen — and exert more control over apps in general.

Layout lock requires OS X Server, Profile Manager, and supervision configured on a device, according to official documentation highlighted by developer Steve Troughton-Smith on Tuesday. With the option in force, apps can’t be rearranged, for example allowing a company to ensure that apps it wants workers to use can’t be moved into a folder or a different page.

Organizations will moreover be able to hide apps, or blacklist or whitelist specific ones, determining what can be downloaded to an iPhone or iPad in the first place.

Administrators will lastly be able to enforce notification settings, which may help them in circumstances where it’s critical that some app notifications come through.

iOS 9.3 is still in…

Read the entire article from AppleInsider here: iOS 9.3 will let IT managers define home screen layout, hide and blacklist apps


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