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iOS torches Android when it comes to developer profits

This is a good analysis about why app revenue in the App Store is higher than on the Google Play store. 


Even though Android handsets cumulatively account for a majority share of the smartphone market, Apple’s iOS ecosystem remains vastly more profitable for developers relative to Google Play. According to research data recently tabulated by App Annie, the average app found on Apple’s App Store tends to generate nearly four times as much revenue as an app found on Google’s rival platform.

On a worldwide basis, App Annie found that Apple’s App Store generates two times as much money as Google Play, notwithstanding the fact that the App Store sees about half as many downloads as its counterpart. Underscoring the monetary potential of the iOS ecosystem, Apple at WWDC this year made a startling announcement – to date, the company has doled out nearly $50 billion to developers.

To put that figure into context, consider this: It took Apple about 6.5 years before it…

Read the entire article from BGR here: iOS torches Android when it comes to developer profits


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