IoT’s killer app is home security

Home security as reason to look into IoT? Makes sense to me. Many people are looking into buying cameras for their houses and control them remotely. Also, it might be possible to control blinds going up and down via a mobile app while on vacation. So, I can see that having an app or several apps that help you to control your “things” at home for security reasons make you build your own IoT and could become the main reason, the “killer app”, for IoT to be accepted by consumers. 



I live in San Francisco, and I have a raccoon problem.


If you’re a Bay Area local, chances are you’ve had a run-in with these not-so-small four-legged monsters. When I moved into my house, raccoons would run wild in my front yard almost every night, tipping over trash cans and scaring my dog. Being an IoT enthusiast, I decided to create a device to secure my yard. The result was a motion-detecting squirt gun, capable of sensing and scaring off the invaders.


My raccoon problem was solved, my garden secured, almost immediately after setting up the device. The experience got me thinking about the relationship between IoT and security. Is there something more there?


IoT is most well-known as a quirky way of automating your home, like some fancy clapper or talking fridge. By and large, IoT has yet to have its “killer app” moment and become a mainstream success — mostly because people don’t recognize the tangible value in having a home full of connected devices. Then it…


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