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iPad Pro early adopters share pros and cons

A really good review about the iPad Pro (both sizes). I mostly agree, and have heard the negative sides from other people too (no native Windows support, no mouse support). However, it is a tablet that is made for touch. Why should we go back to the way we worked with Windows if we started to embrace new ways? The finger is the mouse. Windows apps can be used in a virtual session, however are not made for a touch device. There are solutions to make them close to being touch-enabled apps but they once have been written for Windows. I also don’t think that the tablet should replace the laptop (Win/Mac) but it is a good additional device when travelling. You do not start to be super creative or start programming things when you are on a business trip or on vacation. For these occasions, tablets are great. They offer the most important functionality (document editing, email, social apps, note taking etc. – there are even CRM apps for sales people so that they can enter their information on the go). I also like to combine my iPad Air 2 with a keyboard as it is just easier to type. I also like the copy&paste keyboard shortcuts, that work. I know that Apple communicates that the iPad Pro could replace a laptop, but I disagree. It might be able to do that for certain information consuming or light processes but not for deep creative work that is based on Windows. I, however, use my iPad as often as I can. I only use my Mac for website development and writing long texts (as I like to type on it). How do you use your tablet? Do you use it for business? Do you think it can replace a laptop?


On Nov. 11, 2015, Apple began taking online orders for its then-new iPad Pro. At the time, CEO Tim Cook said the 12.9-inch tablet would replace notebooks, as well as desktop PCs, for “many, many people,” according to an article on The Telegraph.co.uk.

Six months later, we decided to use the online Help a Reporter Out database to ask a number of business and IT executives for their thoughts on Apple’s enterprise tablet, and if it had, in fact, replaced their laptops or desktops.

The answer, based on 11 responses, was a resounding “no.” However, the respondents also said the original, gigantic iPad Pro, along with the more recently released 9.7-inch model, complements their computers and smartphones. And a few of our sources use their tablets in creative and unexpected ways — as a dedicated, in-office Uber terminal, for example.

Here’s what the respondents had to say about the pros and cons of Apple’s iPad Pro after using…

Read the entire article from CIO.com here: iPad Pro early adopters share pros and cons


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