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iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 faced off in a drop test and it was brutal

Cool video to see which phone lasts longer… And yes, there is a clear winner!


Smartphone companies spend so much time and money making their phones thinner, faster and more powerful. But how much work actually goes into making them stronger? Building more durable phones clearly falls somewhere on vendors’ lists of priorities, but some seem to place it higher than others. Millions of people continue to drop and break their phones each year, and protective cases don’t always offer as much protection as users would have hoped.

With all that in mind, the two leading flagship smartphones in the world were recently put to the test in a fight to the death — literally — to see which one is better at withstanding drops. And while both phones seem sturdy enough, one came away the clear winner.

YouTube user “PhoneBuff” recently got his hands on a professional-grade drop test machine and he has been having way too much fun ever since. We saw the Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 face off in his last drop…

Read the entire article from BGR here: iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 faced off in a drop test and it was brutal


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