iPhone 7 does not work with old Apple headphones

UPDATE: Seems like Apple listened to me! 😉 The latest iOS update fixes the issue! Yippieh!
Being a lucky owner of a new iPhone 7 in black, I was looking forward to using it this morning on my way to work. I usually walk to the station to get some time to listen to audiobooks.


For a long time, I have been using my Apple headphones that came with the purchase of my iPhone 4. They are the flat ones. They just stick better in my ear. I don’t feel them, whereas I feel the new ones. They are simply a bit too big for my tiny ears.


Anyway, I used the great connector that comes with the iPhone 7 and connects Lightning cable and headphone jack. I had a good sound quality and was happy to go. On my way, I sometimes have to stop the audio as there is so much traffic noise around me that I don’t hear anything anymore. I usually use the remote that is integrated in the cable. I pressed the middle “button” but nothing happened. I tried it again… and again, but nothing. Then, I tried the volume. Nothing happened. The remote did not work. First, I thought, it might have been the connector and tried it with my old iPhone 5s. But there, it worked. So, it is the old headphones in general that don’t transmit the information from the remote to the new iPhone 7. What a bummer!


Back at home after a day of work, I tried the new headphones that came with the iPhone 7, just to make sure that there wasn’t anything wrong with the iPhone. They worked… That’s a shame. I guess, I will have to continue using my iPhone 5s listening to audiobooks if I want to keep my old headphones and use the remote. It was also very practical when running. You can have the phone in a pocket and just use the remote. I kind of still hope that it is a software issue and can be fixed. We will see.


On a positive note, I tried my wireless Bose OE Soundlink headphones with the iPhone 7 on the weekend. I went for a walk and listened to an audiobook. This worked great!


To conclude, I’m a bit disappointed. I like the iPhone 7, the design, the display and how it feels to type on it but it has its drawbacks with the headphones. Also, it is so slippery that I don’t dare to walk and type. I already ordered a new (sticky) bumper. But that’s a different story.


What do you think about the headphones? Are you happy with the new ones? Is there anybody still using the old, flat ones? Please share your story!


Have a great day!



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2 Responses

  1. Pamela says:

    Yes, it doesn’t work. The minus is that you cannot use your other headphones. But still it holds good.

  2. Julia Kruz says:

    This is the problem that they produce next models with different charging connectors and headphones that are overpriced.

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