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iPhone 7 May Have Dual SIM Trays for Use With Multiple Carriers

This would be really cool! It is a feature that is long overdue in iPhones. We need it in a world where we travel so much! I am excited to find out more!


Chinese smartphone repair shop Rock Fix recently shared photos of alleged iPhone 7 components on microblogging service Weibo, potentially including dual-SIM trays that would allow for the smartphone to send and receive calls and messages from multiple phone numbers (via Engadget).

Dual SIM technology would also enable iPhone 7 users to use multiple carriers based upon network coverage, pricing, and other competitive differences. A customer in the United States, for example, might elect to use AT&T for nationwide voice and text messaging and T-Mobile for cheaper and unlimited 4G LTE data.

Dual SIM support would differ slightly from the Apple SIM, which allows cellular iPad users to easily switch between different short-term data plans from select carrier partners using one SIM card. The Apple SIM is particularly useful for traveling abroad, with coverage in more than 90 countries and territories.

A number of low-end to mid-range Android-based smartphones feature dual SIM support in…

Read the entire article from MacRumors here: iPhone 7 May Have Dual SIM Trays for Use With Multiple Carriers


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